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Caring Advocates offers a new and effective solution to effectively fulfill your end-of-life wishes. It has three-parts:
Part 1 lets you display your most urgent wishes immediately to clinicians.
Part 2 lets clinicians rapidly retrieve all your clinical and strategic forms.
Part 3 plays short videos of you and your physician, to help convince all to honor your wishes
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The TWO Challenges: The chances are about two out of three that someday, you will suffer from a disease or injury that will leave you incapable of saying what medical treatment you DO or do NOT want—just when your future clinicians must make decisions that can determine HOW LONG and HOW MUCH you will suffer before you die. Your future clinicians need a rapid way to retrieve information to learn WHAT your wishes are. This technical challenge is actually the easier of the TWO and some sort of solution has been available since 1999. Caring Advocates now uses the latest and most widely available “smart” cell phone technology.

The second Challenge reminds me of an old saying: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." The practically question is: What can you do, in advance, to convince your future clinicians who are NOT likely to know you, WHY they should HONOR your wishes? As you will see, the Program that Caring Advocates offers is unique.

To attain your goal: Suppose your goal is ambitious; that you want to maximize pleasure and minimize pain for the last chapter of your life, just as for any other chapter. As you seek a timely and peaceful transition, you will not lead your future clinicians to a trough of water, but to one of the most controversial areas of medical ethics. You will enter an area where clinicians can, and sometimes will, refuse to honor your wishes.

The Program is the last of the set of ''ironclad strategies.'' You set this up AFTER you have made decisions about your treatment preferences (perhaps by sorting My Way Cards that generated your Natural Dying—Living Will) and after you discussed your options with your physician and signed other forms to give your informed consent. For example, you may want Natural Dying and Palliative Sedation, someday.

Future clinicians must honor your expressed Known Wishes—if you want to avoid these two great end-of-life fears

  • Lingering for months to years as you suffer from Advanced Dementia and possibly unrecognized and untreated pain and suffering; and,
  • Enduring days to weeks of unending, unbearable pain and suffering before you die.

All strategic forms are designed to overcome potential challenges so your future clinicians WILL HONOR your wishes. Adding the Program can give you the confidence you need to avoid adding the tragedy of premature dying to other tragedies associated with dying. Knowing you can die when you WANT relieves you of the need to die when you CAN, so you can “maximize pleasure” for the last chapter of your life.

Further information:

  • The two-part video explains the challenges and describes the strategies you need to overcome them: “Natural Dying® can prevent Prolonged Dying and Prolonged Pain in Alzheimer’s Dementia and Terminal Illnesses.”
  • The book, Peaceful Transitions: Plan Now, Die Later—Ironclad Strategy provides specific details and is available in several formats.

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